LeafFilter Installation Review

LeafFilter Gutter Guards are installed on homes nationwide. With more than 20 million feet of gutter guards on homes nationwide and ZERO clogged rain gutters, LeafFilter is the #1 choice in gutter protection.

We recently ran into these happy LeafFilter customers who had nice comments to say about our installation teams.

What Happens During a LeafFilter Installation

Cleaning Gutters & Downspouts

Our installation crews start by cleaning your gutters and downspouts. We'll remove any debris that and get your system flowing correctly. Once you have LeafFilter installed you'll never have to worry about gutter clogs or cleaning gutters for the life of your home. 

It is highly likely that our rain gutter guards can be installed onto your existing gutters. However, in some instances, a homeowner’s gutters are in need of extensive repair, which makes replacement essential. Our installation team can install new gutters if necessary.

Seal & Realign Gutters

Next we'll make sure your gutters are aligned correctly. If you have any bowing or sagging we'll take care of that. If any of your gutters have pulled away from the roof we'll get them reattached. Finally, we'll seal your gutters and downspouts to make sure there are no issues with leaks.

Our system is installed and attached with self-tapping zip screws in five foot sections that are then reinforced with internal aluminum hangers using 1½ inch wood screws drilled directly through the Fascia board. Our crew will then use a 50 year tri-polymer sealant to ensure your gutters are completely sealed from all outside debris.

Install LeafFilter

Now that your home's gutters are clear of debris and aligned to flow correctly our team of installers will attach LeafFilter. This will completely seal your gutters with the best gutter guard in America.

Our installers will fix LeafFilter™ to your gutters. Each panel is prepped onsite in order to make sure that is properly sized, cut and angled for your home. We will also examine and troubleshoot any areas of high concern that are identified by the homeowners and the installers.

And, we'll conduct water tests to confirm that LeafFilter™ is functioning properly on all areas of your home.


Our crew will clean up all debris, screws, and other material from property when installation is complete. We will walk the perimeter of your property along with you to inspect the completed work and to answer any question or concerns you may have.

You will then receive our Homeowner Inspection Certificate that guarantees a satisfactory installation.