Compare Our Warranty

LeafFilter's warranty is the best in the business. When you compare our warranty to the competition you'll see that we have:

1) The Best Product;

2) That is Installed by The Best People; and

3) Is Backed By the Best Warranty.

The LeafFilter Guarantee


Lifetime Protection

Our manufacturer's warranty is for the lifetime of your home. We don't limit our warranty to 10 or 20 years. We offer protection for the life of your home.



Our warranty is transferrable if you sell your home. Your home is your castle - if you ever sell that castle the next owners will get continued warranty protection and you'll have a resell advantage from having installed the nation's best gutter guard.


No Clogs - Guaranteed

Only water gets into a LeafFilter protected gutter - guaranteed! LeafFilter is a completely sealed system. No holes, no gaps, no openings means that nothing will get into your gutters except for water.


Not Just a "Gutter Cleaning" Guarantee

Other gutter guards offer to clean your gutters if/when they clog. Why? Because they know that any system with holes, gaps or openings will eventually allow debris to enter and clog your gutters. 


Supported by the Largest Gutter Protection Company in America

LeafFilter is the largest gutter protection in America. And we are the 14th largest remodeler in the country and all we focus on are gutters and gutter guards. No roofs, no patios or kitchens, no siding.

Each one of our locations is a wholly owned company store. We do not use a dealer network and we do not dsitribute our product to other companies to install. If you ever need Service or Support we are one singular, accountable company.