Why LeafFilter? Our warranty is one of the best in the industry. We offer a simple, straightforward "no clogs" guarantee. 

LeafFilter™ North, Inc. has installed more than 20,000,000 feet of gutter protection. That’s just shy of 3,800 miles. To put that in perspective if you started at our headquarters in Hudson, Ohio and placed all of the 5 foot panels that we have installed end to end over the Atlantic Ocean, your journey would end in Paris, France.

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LeafFilter's warranty is the best in the business. When you compare our warranty to the competition you'll see that we have:

1) The Best Product;

2) That is Installed by The Best People; and

3) Is Backed By the Best Warranty.

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What gets into a LeafFilter protected gutter? Absolutely nothing but rain water will enter a LeafFilter protected gutter.

LeafFilter is a completely sealed system. No holes, no gaps, no openings means that only water gets in - guaranteed!

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