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When talking with homeowners, everyone is interested to see just how LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection withstands horrid spring rains or the never-ending flow of leaves in fall and the snow of winter. We were lucky enough to meet the Smythe family at a recent home show that had documented their gutter issues before seeking out a gutter protection solution and also allowed LeafFilter to film, record, photograph and discuss the installation process from start to finish.

LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards are installed with a manufacturer’s lifetime, transferable warranty – this you know – but many are interested to see if LeafFilter™ ever really clogs. Well, now you’ll get to see for yourself how LeafFilter can immediately change the safety and security of your home for you and your loved ones.

Before LeafFilter

One of the first things Mr. Smythe noticed even before purchasing the home were the dirty and disgusting gutters. The gutter system on the new home was sagging and warped at many different areas along the exterior of the home. Beyond the minor damage visible from the ground, Mr. Smythe finally realized that just about every gutter run was clogged with debris, leaves and sticks even in the early summer.

"I’d never really paid much attention to the gutters, so I was pretty shocked to see just how dirty and disgusting they were, even with the DIY gutter covers in place."

Leaf Filter Case Study 1


One particular evening, while relaxing in the sunroom during the first week in their new home, the Smythes experienced first-hand the gutter system at its absolute worst.

The Smythes watched as the rainwater cascaded over the side of the gutters and flooded the sunroom along with areas around the exterior of the home. Mr. Smythe knew he had some serious issues on his hands as the pooling rainwater could be doing some severe damage to the foundation of his newly purchased home.

"We were sitting on our sun porch and we looked out…water was actually coming in through the screens. There was a small flood; we were both a little flabbergasted actually."

 Leaf Filter Case Study 2


As the weeks and months moved along, Mr. Smythe began to deal with more and more issues that would ultimately tie back to the damaged and faulty gutters. Heavy rains surging over the sides of the gutters quickly spoiled any flowerbeds or shrubbery planted on the perimeter of the home.

Mr. Smythe was forced to have large quantities of fill dirt and mulch brought in to mask the major landscaping issues caused by faulty gutters. Having to deal with landscaping issues was one ordeal, but finding foundation damage below would end up being detrimental for the new homeowners.

"Mulch washed away. The sidewalk and driveway all looked horrible. We had two dump-truck loads full of mulch delivered at the cost of hundreds of dollars in order to get the landscaping, mulch and yard looking presentable, looking nice."

The gutters on Mr. Smythe’s home were designed to take rainwater and move it far away from the foundation to avoid these types of issues. For the gutters to do their job they must be clean and clear and pitched properly. Unfortunately, the gutter system was failing in every facet.

"As it rained more and more, we realized that the old gutter covers that were in place when we bought the home just weren’t working. I was the only lunatic outside in the rain, up on a slick ladder, cleaning out clogged gutters to avoid serious water damage."

As time passed, Mr. Smythe realized that he was dealing with many different issues, including: Soffit destruction, fascia rot, mold issues, stagnant water, mosquitoes, nesting wildlife, erosion, landscaping repairs, flooding sunroom and basement, possible foundation cracks even a heaving driveway. He knew it was time to make a change.

"The rain continued and the situation got worse and worse. Water was overflowing and cascading everywhere, it was washing away landscaping. We were noticing water along the exterior of the foundation and there was even a crack that appeared in the basement laundry room."

While at a summer festival in the area, Mr. Smythe came across the LeafFilter Gutter Protection booth and spoke with the representative about the annoying issues that were plaguing his new home.

Leaf Filter Case Study 3


"I met with just about every major gutter company out there and even the little local guys. After it all, LeafFilter stood out from the rest for many different reasons, but overall, it felt like LeafFilter would solve all of our problems. It just felt like the best fit."

During the process, Mr. Smythe decided that any gutter protection with a gap or slot or opening would easily allow just about anything into the gutters – despite the claims to the contrary. His decision to focus on a gutter guard with no holes or openings narrowed the field of potential companies, as LeafFilter began to pique his interest more and more. Mr. Smythe was also intrigued by the idea that the LeafFilter installation process wouldn’t disturb his roof or shingles.

"We checked with Angie’s List, we look companies up on the Better Business Bureau and we even looked back at Consumer Reports. We looked at a lot of different companies to try and figure out what really worked so we could make a long-lasting decision that would work. So far, we’re happy with LeafFilter™."

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If you are experiencing similar problems with your gutters and downspouts, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate that is good for a FULL Year!