LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards...No Clogs Guaranteed!
Only Water Gets Into a LeafFilter™ Protected Gutter


No Leaves

It doesn’t matter where you live, the leaves take a tumble from the trees every year and LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards ensure that nothing but water will ever enter your gutters.

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No Shingle Grit

Each and every type of roofing shingle creates some type of grit or debris that inevitably ends up in an unprotected gutter – Not with LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards!

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No Squirrels or Chipmunks

LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards will keep all local wildlife from setting up a home or nest in the gutters, as nothing but water will ever enter a LeafFilter-protected gutter.

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No Pine Needles

Many homeowners throughout the country have to deal with those pesky pines in the yard, but with LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards no pine needles will ever pass through the stainless steel micro-filter.

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No Dirt

LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards have the stopping power to keep all dirt and debris out of your gutters, as not even a grain of sand can pass through LeafFilter’s stainless steel micro mesh.

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No Insects, Bees or Wasps

Many insects, bees and wasps will gravitate toward the gutters to build a nest, but the LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection system keeps all insects and animals out of your gutters.

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No Maple Spinners

Homeowners across the country deal with maple spinners clogging the gutters from that irritating maple tree in the yard, but not with LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards. 

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No Seeds

Keep the weed garden out of your gutters with LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards, which don’t allow anything into your gutters but water. No seed onslaught means no overgrown gutter garden!

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No Acorns or Pine Cones

LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards easily stand up to the never-ending drift of pine needles, but the nation’s best gutter protection also keeps all pine cones and acorns out of your gutters.

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leaffilter-testimonial"We think it's wonderful. We have a ranch house with a lot of trees and we've not had any trouble at all. It's been great."