LeafFilter Gutter Guards are America's #1 rated professionally installed gutter protection. Backed by a lifetime, "no clogs" warranty, LeafFilter is your best choice for gutter guards.

About LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards

With more than 20 million feet of gutter guard installed nationwide and ZERO clogged gutters, LeafFilter™ is widely recognized as the best gutter protection in America.
LeafFilter is the first - and highest rated - micro mesh gutter guard. Named as the "#1 professionally installed gutter guard," only water gets into LeafFilter. More.
LeafFilter Gutter Guards consist of a stainless steel micro mesh screen affixed to a rigid vinyl body that is installed on a home's existing gutters. More.
LeafFilter installs on your existing gutters, is backed by a lifetime guarantee, and is installed by the largest gutter protection company in America. More.
Our lifetime manufacturer's warranty protects your home from clogged gutters for life!
Get clog-free gutters with LeafFilter - GUARANTEED!

LeafFilter™ Customers

LeafFilter has installed more than 20 million feet of gutter protection on homes nationwide. From New York to Seattle, LeafFilter is the best micro mesh gutter guard in America.
How does LeafFilter perform? Check out our ongoing customer case study to see how LeafFilter performs on a home surrounded by more than 100 trees. Read More.
Hundreds of thousands of homeowners nationwide have selected LeafFilter to protect their home and to give them guaranteed clog-free gutters. Read More.

LeafFilter™ Gutter Guard Testimonials